Brown & 2 White - 1st kyu Dan Grading


  • Tobi Konde (travel/cover distance) Sanbon Tsuki x 4 Forward Steps
  • Age Uke, Mae Geri, Gyaku Tsuki x 4 Backward steps
  • Soto Uke, Yoko Enpi, Uraken in Zenkutsu dachi, Gyaku Tsuki x 4 Forward Steps
  • Uchi uke (in kokutsu dachi) kizame tsuki, heito (in zenkustu dachi), uraken, gyaku tsuki x4
  • Gedan Barai, Chudan Uchi Uke in Neko-ashi Dachi, kizame mae Geri, Jodan Ura Tsuki in Zenkutsu Dachi, Yori Ashi Gyaku Tsuki x 4 Forward Steps
  • Shuto Uke, Kizame Mae Geri, Nukite in Zenkutsu Dachi, Shuto Uke x 4 Backward Steps


  • Mae geri, oi tsuki, gyaku tsuki
  • Yoko geri keage, uraken, gyaku tsuki
  • Mawashi geri, uraken, gyaku tsuki
  • Ushiro geri, uraken, gyaku tsuki
  • Mae geri, yoko geri kekomi, mawashi geri, ushiro geri, uraken, gyaku tsuki
  • Same leg, mae geri, yoko geri, ushiro geri, mawashi geri



All Heian Katas


Brown Belts: 

  • Bassai Dai
  • Jion
  • Enpi



  • Kanku Dai
  • Hangestu


Must have the 3 brown belts katas - bassai dai, enpi and jion.


Self Defence

  • Hikite
  • Rising Block
  • Outside Block
  • Downward Block
  • Shuto


Do NOT need to teach or instruct, just show an understanding of how they are performed


Can ask questions, but isn’t a requirement



(On the spot)

  • Kizame tsuki, gyaku tsuki, break the angle, gyaku tsuki (recover to starting position)
  • Kizame tsuki, gyaku tsuki, half step front leg faint mawashi geri, step down gyaku tsuki
  • Block down, off to the side breaking the angle, double kura tsuki 
  • Switch kick mawashi geri, gyaku tsuki, kizame tsuki
  • Back leg moves to angle off, half step front leg mae geri, double kura tsuki
  • Block down, double kura tsuki, pause, kizame tsuki




Minimum 2 x 1 min rounds of kumite

Must demonstrate range of attacks and defence



All decisions and outcomes of a Dan Grading are final and are made by the Grading examiner