Gi and Kensho Merchandise


New to Karate and looking for your first Gi? Need an upgrade for training? Or a top-of-the-range Gi for competition? Whatever it is, we've got it!
We stock a wide variety of Ryukyu Gi from beginner-level through to elite-level competiton gi. These Gi are designed by karateka for karateka.
Check out the range here or speak to an instructor at your next visit to the dojo.

We now have a selection of Kensho merchandise including t-shirts (£25), hoodies (£30) and tracksuit tops (£35).
If you wish to order any of the above, please text the dojo phone 07301283032 with your child’s name, age and height (adults order S/M/L/XL) and the requested item. Orders received after 16 May will be added to the next order.


 Kensho Karate Black T-Shirt - £25